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Your Name in Another Language

Have you ever wondered "How on earth do I write my name in the ancient Maya-language"? Well perhaps you have not... But never the less, I have here a few links to places where you can learn your names in some languages. I have written my name (Mikael) as an example where available.
Behold some examples of the manifoldness of various languages, throughout the world and history!

Your name in...

Arabian Down!

'Mikael' in Arabian
<-- Read from right to left!

Chinese Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Chinese (Mi Ka Er)
Read from top to bottom! -->


At "Chinese Names for English Given Name" you can learn your name in Chinese characters:


Egyptian Hieroglyphs Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Egyptian Hieroglyphs 'Mikael' in Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Your name in hieroglyphs at:
Dead link Open in new window!
http://www.7cs.com/nomhiero.htm Open in new window!

Hebrew Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Hebrew
<-- Read from right to left!

Japanese Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Japanese
New: Learn your name in Japanese at:

Maya Glyphs Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Maya glyphs
Learn your name at: http://www.halfmoon.org/names.html Open in new window!

Morse signals Up!Down!

-- | | -- | - | - | -

Your name in Morse signals here!

Proteins Up!Down!

Does your name appear in any proteincodes that science have discovered? Search the database and see for yourself at:
http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/zhou/name.html Open in new window!
http://cbrg.inf.ethz.ch/ServerBooklet/Gimmiks1.html Open in new window!

Sound Up!Down!

Want to hear your name (or other words) spoken by a synthesized/artificial voice? You can digitize Chinese, German, English, Spanish and more languages at:
http://www.bell-labs.com/project/tts/ Open in new window!

Signlanguage (Swedish) Up!Down!

'Mikael' in Swedish signlanguage

Viking Runes Up!Down!

These type of runes were used by Danish Vikings after 1100 AD:

'Mikael' in viking runes

Your name in runes here!

Great site on Viking runes at:
http://w1.2220.telia.com/~u222200871 Open in new window!

What's In Your Name? Up!

These people believe that your name can tell a lot about you. Get your own name analysis at:
http://www.kabalarians.com/gkh/your.htm Open in new window!

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Language Resources

English Down!

English Dictionary:

Merriam-Webster Online is a superb online dictionary!
http://www.m-w.com/ Open in new window!

Esperanto Up!Down!

Esperanto Official International Homepage:

http://www.esperanto.org Open in new window!

Esperanto Swedish Homepage:
http://www.esperanto.se Open in new window!

Esperanto Dictionary/Wordlist:
http://wwwtios.cs.utwente.nl/traduk/ Open in new window!

Ido Up!

Ido Official (?) Homepages:

http://members.aol.com/idolinguo/index.html Open in new window!

http://yi.com/home/ChandlerJames/ Open in new window!

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