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Your Name in Morse signals 2.3

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What it is Down!

This page translates your text into Morse signals, and back. Just type your text in the textbox, and leave the rest to my javascript!
The Swedish Morse system is used here. I suppose it is international regarding A-Z, but there are 3 additional letters: Å, Ä and Ö.

What you need Up!

You will need a browser that understands javascript and forms. In other words, an HTML 3.2 compatible browser - or better.
If javascript is working, a message ("Javascript OK!") should be visible below:
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How to write TEXT

How to write -- --- - (=MORSE)

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Type here!

Please type in the textbox:

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Bugs. There's always some left...

Do you experience problems with this page - and use an AOL/IE5 browser?
A kind visitor suggested that AOL members should "run their browser externally".

Bugs found and REMOVED so far:

  1. My book on Morse had a typo, a dot was missing. Thus were character >>4<< decoded as >> - << which could be misinterpreted as >>V<<.
  2. A visitor had a problem with the result code; White text on white bg.
  3. To avoid problems with IE 3.02: Pressing the submit button will now generate a second result window.
  4. Another typo was found by a visitor: Nr 2 is of course "..---", not "..--".
  5. As a visitor pointed out, it was not much work to simplify the script a bit, regarding the spacing of characters... Now you may
    * Seperate morse signals with normal space
    * Stop worrying about entering characters with space in between
These bugs may have stopped you from using my program. Sorry about that, it was real sloppy of me.
If you find any more bugs, please go ahead, ruin another day for me ;) and send me Bug Reports...
(Please state which browser you have and how the error occurred!
Bugreports like "I found an error, bye bye" is of VERY little use...)
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Two people have already asked me where they can find a software which decodes signals via the soundcard into text. So, to avoid further questions...

Try this link: Audio to Text decoders

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