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Your Name in Runes 1.3

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What it is Down!

There is a NEW VERSION of this page available! It works better and has more functions than this one. This page translates your name into old runes. Just type your name in the textbox, and leave the rest to my javascript!
The rune system used is the swedish-german futhark. It was used before 500 A.D.

Please note that some versions of Internet Explorer are full of bugs and can not run my script properly.

Thanks must go to Arild Hauge for helpful feedback and a great site on runes. (http://w1.2220.telia.com/~u222200871)

What you need Up!

You will need a browser that understands javascript and forms. In other words, an HTML 3.2 compatible browser - or better.
If javascript is working, a message ("Javascript OK!") should be visible below:
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Type here!

Please type in the textbox:

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How to write your name Down!

Letters you can use Up!Down!

Here are the letters you can use, along with the phonetic sound in three languages:
Input English Deutsch (=German) Svenska (=Swedish) Phonetical
A far a a [a]
B b b b [b]
D d d d [d]
E near e e [e]
F f f f [f]
G gas g g [g]
H h h h [h]
I be sie i [i]
J / Y yes j j [j]
K / Q k k k [k]
L l l l [l]
M m m m [m]
N n n n [n]
O fool ruhe o [u]
P p p p [p]
R r r r [r]
S s s s [s]
T t t t [t]
U / V too / vase Zwischen
ü und u / w
u / v [u] / [v]
W w [w]
Z Voiced r
Tönend r
tönend s
Tonande r
tonande s

Letter combinations Up!Down!

Input English Deutsch (=German) Svenska (=Swedish) Phonetical
EO Uncertain Nicht sicher Osäkert Maybe [i] or [ae] or [e].
NG ring lang ring [nj] (nasal sound)
TH the [þ] / [ð]

Notes Up!Down!

What if... Up!


I don't want the TH-sound / NG-sound / EO-sound! I just want the 2 viking letters after each other!


Type a space between the letters:
T H, N G, E O.


I want s p a c e s between my letters/words.


There are 3 different rune spacing available. Type:
Kolon ":", space " ", punctuation "." or plus sign "+".

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Bugs. There's always some left...

Do you experience problems with this page - and use an AOL/IE5 browser?
A kind visitor suggested that AOL members should "run their browser externally".

These bugs have been reported and are not yet fixed. (I have very little time to fix them, so feel free to help out :)

  1. - "The letter "R" is different if it is found in the middle of a word."
    - Yes, you can only get the "small" R, and not the capital. It's NOT a bug, it's a feature... ;)
Bugs REMOVED so far (along with errormessages):
  1. IE 4: >>"}" expected<<
  2. IE 4: >>object expected<<
  3. Typo found. Tables mixed up.
  4. NN 4: >>stato not defined<<
  5. HTML typos found. ALT-tag is now correct.
  6. Opera 3.21: HTML corrected in output.
  7. Bug that crahed(!) IE 3.02 when you pressed the submit button.
  8. X was not translated correctly
  9. It's not a bug, but now you can type " " to recieve the most common spacing character.
These bugs may have stopped you from using my program. Sorry about that, it was real sloppy of me.
If you find any more bugs, please go ahead, ruin another day for me ;) and send me Bug Reports...
(Please state which browser you have and how the error occurred!
Bugreports like "I found an error, bye bye" is of VERY little use...)
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