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Here are some amateur, philosophical poetry written by me. It is... ...pretty deep. There, don't say I didn't warn you... ;)


Cold night and pearl white moon
Were all long gone before noon.
High mountains with powdery snow
Had turned into a golden glow.
Dew in the grass; glittering,
Bright red blossoms; greeting.
Bird song filled the warm air
While the wind caressed her hair.

High above Shadows watched
While thoughts were hatched.
Their vision so bright,
Wits filled with might.
Humans below filled with sorrows,
Did they differ much from Shadows?
They were all ants in the vastness,
As were all stars in the darkness.
Seated she were by the tree,
Wanting only to be free.
But her brown eyes gazed,
Made her mind quite amazed;
Anthill full of struggling ants,
Did they differ much from peasants?
Were a human not but an insect
In spite of her intellect?
Hand drawing made by me.
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Copyright © Mikael Persson
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