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Calvin and Hobbes (Superb comics.)
SevTrek (Parody comics on Star Trek.)
Jari's Collection of Murphy's Laws (Pessimistic humour.)
Budo Cartoons (Martial Art Comics)
Gr8 Programs (PC)
These are some of my favourite programs. Some are Shareware (SW) and some Freeware (FW). The SW-programs do not cease to function after a certain date, but some have a nagscreen (Nag).
ACDSee Download page Homepage (Graphical viewer [SW][Nag])
ICQ Download page Homepage (Chat/Comunication. [FW])
Java Development Kit Homepage (JAVA applet/application tools. [FW])
McAfee VirusScan Download page Homepage (Anti Virus. [SW][Nag])
Pegasus Mail Homepage (E-mail. [FW])
Power Toys Download (Win 95 improvement. [FW])
Splitter 2.1b Download Program Homepage (Filesplitter. [FW])
Texture Maker 32 v.2.0 Download Homepage (Tool for making cool seemless backgrounds. [FW])
WinAmp 2.09 Download page Homepage (MP3 player. [SW])
WinZip Eval. 7.0 Download Homepage (Compress/Decompress files. [SW][Nag])
WS_FTP LE 4.6 Download Homepage (Flie Transfer. [FW])
X-Setup Homepage (?) (Easy access to Window 95 options. [FW])
Yet Another Music Player 3.2 Download Homepage (Plays ALL(?) formats. [FW])
Big NoseBird (Tips & Tricks in HTML.)
Fantastic TT Font Archive (True Type Fonts. Great for logos!)
Dr. HTML (Quick Reference.)
HTML Character Entities (How to type &,©,ö,ø the RIGHT way.)
JavaScript Source
JavaScript World
LuG PaJ's Animations Paradise (GIF animations.)
The Free Site (Free stuff for homepages and more.)
V3 Redirection Services (Free URLs like "".)
W3C (=World Wide Web Consortium) (The people who establish Internet standards.)
Web Developer's Virtual Library (Lots of reference about HTML.)
Website Garage (Checks loading time, HTML tags, spelling and more on your site.)
Free SMS (Textmessages to cellphones.)
Hotmail (Send/recieve e-mail with browser.)
Weather Images (Worldwide weather.)
A variety of Chinese Philosophy and Poetry
Chinese Poetry Database
* Pine Valley Chinese Poetry
Stan Rosenthal's Tao Te Ching
(One of my favourite English translations/interpolations of the ancient Chinese book.)
* Taoism and Poetry
Program Related Sites
BugNet Homepage (Bug reports and remedies.) (Drivers, Shareware and comercial software.)
Freeware Home (100% Freeware.)
Search Engines
Alta Vista (Web and Newsgroups)
Deja News (Newsgroups)
Dog Pile (Multiple Searches)
Domain Name Search (Who owns the site?)
eZines Database (Index of Electrical Magazines)
FTP Search (Search for files)
Hot Bot
Internet Adress Finder (E-mail address finder)
Meta Crawler
Northern Light Search
* Online Texts Collection (Search for online texts.) (Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Web Forums.)
SoftSeek (Programs.)
* The On-Line Books Page (Search for online books.)
* Who Built It? (Find out who built the site)
Link buddies
What are link buddies? Quite simple! You link to me, I link to you!
(IF your homepage is approved of me that is...)

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery (Lotsa stuff about runes!) (Classy homepage about New Age. I don't believe in it though... :))

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